For over 70 years, C.M.E. produces high-efficiency stainless steel grape destemmer/crushers for grapes, which combine economy of management, versatility and quality.

Our machines are characterized by:

High performance and reliability
Functional flexibility to best process any type of grape
Functional flexibility to best process any type of grape
Quick and easy cleaning

Destemmer-Crushers operation

The destemmer-crusher is a machine used to process the grapes that arrive in the cellar, both the one picked by hand and the one picked mechanically. The main function is to de-stem the grapes or separate the berries, the good part, from the stalks, or the part of waste. After destemming, the berries pass through the crusher where they are broken, effectively starting the fermentation process.

The destemmer-crushers by C.M.E. can work in any configuration, the oenologist can choose if:

  • destemming or not destemming thanks to the new hopper which, with a simple gesture, sends the grapes directly to the pump
  • press or not to press, through the trolley mounted crusher that can be easily excluded


Made in stainless steel, sturdy and easy to sanitize, the C.M.E. destemmer-crushers have these features:

  • Range with capacities from 100 to 1,400
  • Cage and beater speed adjustment through independent motors and inverters
  • Different paddles, in stainless steel or in different types of rubber, absolutely food grade certified, to get the highest quality
  • Crushers in food-grade rubber, for soft pressing of the grapes, easily adjustable and removable
  • Easy removal of the transmission unit, horizontal or vertical extraction of both beater and cage.
  • Adjustment of the distance between the cage and the beater
  • Substitutability of cage and beater.
  • Feed with slide or with draining hopper or directly flanged to the feeder/conveyor.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Possibility of installation in small pits.
  • Combination with single-screw pump with hopper or simple must-collect hopper with connection for piston, lobe or peristaltic pump.


The possibility of adjusting both the cage and beater speed and the distance between them, together with the draining systems, crushing and transfer of the must, makes the destemmer-crushers C.M.E. ideal for any type of grape and harvest (mechanical or manual).

All the C.M.E. machine can be configured according to production needs:

  • destemming or not destemming
  • pressing or not pressing
  • draining or not draining


On request:

  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Rubber paddles of various types
  • Load cells for the PMT series screw pumps (automatic adjustment)
  • High performance cleaning system
  • Hopper with “non destemming” system