For over 70 years CME has been one of the world leaders in the design and construction of oenology systems.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field in hundreds of wineries, we study the best technical solutions based on the specific needs of each client.

From the grape reception tanks, to the pumps and conveyors, we design complete systems, supplying cutting-edge and high quality wine making machines and equipment.

Engineering and design

Each winery is a unique world, with spaces, flow rates and different processes.

For the success of a project, it is therefore essential to satisfy the real needs of the customer, proposing customized solutions to ensure maximum efficiency in every environment.

CME provides its customers with:

  • custom-made oenological projects and facilities
  • high quality realizations carried out by specialized technicians
  • quick intervention and maintenance
  • training for winary operators
  • CME also supplies the electrical system and the control panel for the management of the entire system.

We are at your complete disposal to carry out preliminary studies, without purchase commitment and completely free.


  • Grape reception
  • Rear or lateral discharge
  • Different capacities and flows depending on the system


  • transfer of whole grapes from the reception tanks to the destemming and crushing machines
  • stalk evacuation
  • exhausted pomace evacuation (out of the presses)
  • transfer of fermented marc (leaving the fermenters)
  • lees disposal (after filtration)