CME offers a wide range of stainless steel screw pumps, for capacities from 4 up to 180 m3/h.

Our single screw pumps allow a plurality of different uses and can be used either individually – such as, for example, the trolley-mounted versions (PMC and PMCT line) – or as part of a more complex plant (PMT line).

All pumps guarante:

Maximum efficiency
Reliability and long life
Fast and economical maintenance

Screw pump operation

The single screw pump belongs to the category of rotary displacement pumps. It is characterized by the presence of a rotor that rotates inside the fixed stator: the relative motion between them generates chambers within which the flow pumped.


All C.M.E. single screw pumps are made with certified materials, have large transfer passages and are equipped with a thermal probe on the stator that allows the pump to stop when the temperature gets high and the stator can be damaged (avoids dry running).

  • The PMC series pumps are on wheels without hopper
  • The PMCT series pumps are trolley type and equipped with motorized hopper (with or without agitator)
  • The PMT series pumps are mounted on a fixed base and equipped with a motorized hopper
  • The PMCT series pumps are equipped with level probes, while those of the PMT series can be equipped with both level probes and load cells.


On request:

  • Different types of stator for aggressive fluids or high temperatures (up to 100°)
  • Radio remote control
  • By-pass (for free passage of the fluid)
  • Load cells (for automatic management of the PMT pump)


Thanks to their mechanical characteristics, the single screw pumps are suitable for a variety of uses, not only in the oenology sector, but also in the industrial field.

Single screw pumps for oenology and agri-food sector

The screw pumps are ideal for pumping liquids and fluids such as grapes, must, wine and marc, fruit and vegetable pulp, fruit and vegetable juice, milk and oil, but also for transferring ground meat, preserves tomato, jams and jams.

The screw pumps are ideal for example for the transfer of the pressed grapes from the destemmer-crushers or for conveying the fermented pomace from the fermenters.

Other applications

The screw pumps are particularly indicated for the transfer of acids, adhesives, hand-washing paste, detergents, cosmetic products.

Also in the building sector they are used in the pumping of single-cell cement, or for the elimination of sludge deriving from the marble process.

And also in sewage treatment plants, in tanneries and in the pharmaceutical industry.