Thanks to more than 70 years of experience in the wine industry, C.M.E. offers a wide range of stainless steel piston pumps, single and double-cylinder and twin-cylinder, for capacities from 40 up to 1200 hl/h.

With a high technological value, the piston pumps produced by C.M.E. preserve the fundamental characteristic of the “long run” and allow obtaining, even in the presence of difficult liquids, a high efficiency together with a smooth flow, balanced and free from flapping, with the utmost respect for the qualitative characteristics of the product.

Characterized by a robust design, our piston pumps ensure:


Piston pump operation

The piston pump is a volumetric pump. The pumping of the liquid is obtained by the alternate sliding of a piston inside a cylinder. Check valves allow the passage of fluid in the correct direction, preventing reflux.


  • Very large internal passages
  • Low shaking of the pumped liquid
  • High pumping efficiency
  • Constant and balanced flow
  • Pump body made entirely of AISI316 stainless steel
  • Cylinders with interchangeable stainless steel liners
  • Interchangeable stainless steel valve seats on the main models
  • Stainless steel dampener chambers on the suction and delivery pipes
  • Helical gear box mounted on ball and roller bearings
  • Pressure switch
  • Flow inverter
  • Gear box with “GLIFO” system on models IDEAL 760 GL 2C INOX, IDEAL 1010 GL 2C INOX, IDEAL 1250 GL 2C INOX.
  • Electronic regulation (20/60 Hz)
  • Reduced consumption


The C.M.E. piston pumps are particularly suitable for use in the agri-food sector as all parts in contact with the product to be pumped are made of stainless steel or natural rubber.

Piston pump for wine

CME peristaltic pumps are designed to ensure maximum efficiency in the transfer of:
wine, must, alcohol, distillate, liqueur, fermented pomace, destemmed grapes

Piston pump for food

Thanks to their mechanical properties, CME piston pumps are particularly suitable also for the transfer of: fruit pulp, vegetable pulp, fruit juice, vegetable juice, preserves, milk and derivatives, tomatoes, oil, purée, mayonnaise and other foods.


The C.M.E. piston pumps can be supplied with different options and made for use in explosive atmospheres

  • Atex version
  • Radio remote control
  • Various types of fittings
  • Seals for aggressive fluids