CME produces stainless steel spiral aspirators for the remote transport of stalks.


The CME stalk aspirators consist of a solid frame of metal profiles that form the support base for the electric motor on which the steel impeller is directly keyed. This, by rotating inside a thick sheet metal body, allows the suction of the stalks through the connection duct and then expel them in the desired direction.


transport of the stalks deriving from the destemming of the grapes


Main features:

  • Structure and support in stainless steel
  • External body made of thick carbon steel
  • Exit of the stalks to the right or left
  • Engines from 5.5 kW to 22 kW (indicative flow rates of grapes from 10 to 230 tons/h)


A cyclone (for one or two aspirators) is available on request to dampen the kinetic energy of the stalks.