To design a functional system it is essential to understand the needs of those who work all day with your machinery. For this reason, during the harvest period C.M.E. sends all its technical and commercial team to its customers.

A recurring phrase of the cellar operators was “we spend a lot of time cleaning the destemmer-crushers”.

This is why we have designed a truly efficient washing system that will drastically reduce the time you will have to devote to clean the destemmer-crusher.

It is formed by a series of adjustable nozzles, which spray high-pressure water both on the cage and on the internal walls of the machine. The system requires water at 4 bar to work properly. If the cellar already has this pressure, it will be sufficient to connect the main collector of the cleaning system to the water supply.

Alternatively, it is possible to install a pump with 10 bar pressure for excellent results.

The system can be used whenever the type of grape to be processed changes or at any time it’s required. In only a few minutes the machine will be clean and ready to work again.

CME, the intelligent mechanics for the wine sector.